Friday, July 10, 2009

New MechWarrior videogame in the works, and other news

This week has been pretty exciting for me and every Warhammer fan. More Spacehulk news surfaced, Planetstrike released, Warhammer Invasion card game announced. But I think BattleTech fans were the winners.

You see there hasn't been a BattleTech/MechWarrior game for 7 years. Last one released was MW4:Mercenaries in 2002. After then, development of a new game by MicroSoft was in development hell, and then abandoned altogether. Now, seven years later, their prayers have been answered. A MechWarrior reboot is currently in production at Smith and Tinker (current holder of MicroSoft/FASA Mechwarrior IP) and Piranha games. Yes, that's right, reboot. Instead of this game becoming MechWarrior 5, the developers have decided to completely re-launch the entire franchise, calling this new title MechWarrior.

Also in honor of BattleTech's 25th anniversary, Smith & Tinker has authorized and MekTek Studios to distribute MechWarrior 4 (along with its expansion packs) completely free.

Me, I am starting saving for a new PC and planning my annual leave accordingly.

More info and videos here: IGN


  1. Ahh, thank god I'm not the only one excited about this! I remember being a kid and playing Clan Wars - oooooh good times. I loved the Clan environment, and I remember playing Mech 3 and Mech 4 and though they were good titles, I missed the fanaticism of Clanners. When I first started 40K, I wanted to make a Space Marines chapter that followed Clan military structure. Oh man, it's a throwback to childhood.

  2. I don't really think there are going to be clans. The year is 3015. Although there was a mention of Wolf's Dragoon.