Friday, June 26, 2009

Conversion: Space Marine Bike to Chopper, part 3 (WIP)

Part 1
Part 2

Progress so far. I glued the Space Marine together, then glued the Space Marine to the fork, but did not glue the Space Marine nor the fork to the bike since I need figure out how to add the armour plate with the headlight to the fork. Also, I need to decide where to put the bolter. Either on the front wheel, on the fork or next to the exhaust pipes.

I didn't like how the original feet-holders (dunno how they are called) looked on the chopper bike. They are ok on the original bike, but look to blocky on a chopper. So I cut it out a bit and made it slimmer.

I am getting used to the extremely long fork and general look. Below are some pictures of the model so far, starting with a picture with extreme perspective (fits the general tone).

This is an picture angled so you can see the cockpit. I am kinda proud of how it turned out, considering I started painting models a month ago.

I am really getting obsessed with Space Marine converted bikes. I did some researching and found some truly inspiring pictures. The one I singled out was by Santa Cruz Warhammer (thanks for posting your comment!). I like how the fork is almost parallel to the ground. Reminds me of some anime/manga bikes (Akira?). I will definately try this on my next model.

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  1. Awesome conversion. Love the idea of badass marines on Chopper motorbikes. Top stuff!