Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood Bowl

No painting this week and I blame the release of Blood Bowl (for Windows) for the this. This game is very addictive. I predict the next week and the week after the next are going to be spent playing Bloodbowl and not painting. Anyway, since I am doing a bit of research on Blood Bowl articles, and a couple of friends are interested in those too, I thought I should make a list of them and post them here, so others can browse them as well.

Living Rulebook 5 edition (pdf)
Living Rulebook Proposed 6 edition (pdf) (I think this is used by Cyanide's PC version)
Lot's of strategies (general and race specific)
Blocking Techniques (The art of blocking pdf)
A plethora of Playbooks for all teams

For those that don't want to pay 50 euros for a game, you can try the free java version of Blood Bowl over at FUMBBL.

I also played my first two private league matches. It was serious fun. The risk of losing my players that I had just leveled tremendously added to the excitment. The league is a greek one called GBBL (Greek Blood Bowl League) and we are constantly looking for more members. Join up if you are interested. Password is 'gr'.


  1. Hi! the computer game is nice but board game with real minis is much more fun!

    If you are into it, give us a shout.

    We are a group of miniatures wargamers in Athens, Greece and always looking for new opponents!

  2. Hey, do you have a forum or a web page? I would like to meet you, but I am not too sure on playing 'physical' blood bowl. What I enjoy about it is the rpg feeling of advancing and leveling your players, which would require weeks and a ton of bookkeeping on physical as opposed to digital form.