Saturday, June 20, 2009

Researching for AoBR Space Marines conversion

Lately I have been thinking how to convert the space marines included in my second set of Assault on Black Reach. Since I don't have that many models besides my first AoBR set (just a Pred, Rhino, Sternguards and some scouts), I have been told by other, more experienced w40k players, that I need some kind of assault troops. Also, AoBR terminators are rather weak compared to the stand alone set.

What I have concluded is that I need to do the following:
1. Buy the Assault Terminator squad and use the spare arms (Thunderhammer or Lightning claws) to replace the AoBR terminators' arms.
2. Buy some Tactical Marines in order to include some plasma equiped soldiers (or find a way to convert an AoBR marine to carry plasma)
3. Somehow convert the Dreadnaught to add some firepower on his left hand.

I did some reasearch on the net and found some nice links. I will post them here in order to have them all in one place for quick reference and also perhaps help others looking for similar resources.

Mainly cosmetic conversions on AoBR dreadnaught, without changing anything but their looks.
AoBR Tacticals to Sternguard
AoBR Terminators to Assault Terminators
AoBR Terminators to Assault Terminators #2
AoBR Captain conversion
AoBR Dreadnaught plasma cannon conversions
AoBR Dreadnaught plasma cannon conversion #2

Also, there are numerous sites/blogs about how to convert SM to CSM, or how to convert the Ork minis, but I was not interested in then at the time.


  1. You can convert the flamer into a plasma gun for the AoBR marines.

    A rough description follows.

    Take the flamer and cut off the tubes and nozzle in front of the body. Cut off the canister.

    Take a plasma pistol and cut out the plasma coils and tip of the gun.

    They should match up roughly - voila you have plasma gun!

  2. agreed, make the plasma.

    what a waste of terminators too. think harder.