Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First attempt at blending, lighting and painting faces (AoBR - Terminator sergeant)

I have been trying to finish painting my AoBR space marines since I got the starter. This being my first Warhammer 40k purchase and my first attempt at painting I have been struggling finding motivation to paint, time from other hobbies (I blame MekWars - an online BattleTech Java campaign, and Facebook which is a huge timesink) and also the problem that as a beginner in painting, I kinda hate my painted minituaers due to low quality.

Anyway, thanks to Gareth and to the FTW blogring, I found the motivation to go on. Here is a previous post about my progress on AoBR terminators. This is a picture of further progress.

As you can see, I painted glowing eyes on terminators after reading a few tutorials on jeweling, and also finished the first layer on the on the sculted insignias (using Valejo's Wolf Grey). I also did a layer of Valejo's boltgun metal on the weapons and Terminator's cables/tubes.

I spent a considerable more time trying to paint the face of the sergeant. After reading various tutorials on how to paint faces (especialy this) and loading a few pictures on my PC of that very same model (thanks Gareth again), I tried to paint my first face.

What I did was paint the whole head Parasite Brown (Valejo's), then wash it with Beasty Brown, and highlight forehead, cheekbones, chin, nose and lips with a 1/1 mix of Parasite Brown and Elf Skin tones (all my paints so far are Valejo paints). I did a further very thin highlight of bleached bone. The short hair and freshly shaved beard was done with a mix of stonewall grey and elf skin tone.

Then I tried to do the power weapon. My main inspiration (I actually completely copied the color scheme was from The Painting Corps. I painted the blade black and tried doing the blending technique. I applied a very watered down Bloody Red on the tip of the sword and tried to blend it down to the hilt of the sword blending it with black. I used a lot of water. In fact applied a layer of just water to the blade so the color would flow more easily.

Afterwards I tried to apply some electric sparks. I painted straight lines of red, and then on top of those lines I painted gradually thiner lines, using a lighter version of that red color. Somehow I need to make the lines a lot thinner, however the look thinner in reality, the photo tends to magnify the whole thing (and it also makes mistakes a lot more evident)


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