Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tabletop Gaming News site up for sale.

Sad news indeed, but it seems that Tabletop Gaming News, a wargaming site that I have been visiting frequently, is up for sale. The reason is increased costs and less time for Zac to devote to his site.

On a related note, which other wargaming or 40k specific news site are you visiting?


  1. Bell of lost souls really, sad to see Zac go, but I get most of my information from aroud all the blogs I visit and then there is the podcasts on top, I'm sure this'll get a mention on 40K radio actually

  2. Of course bell of lost souls is one of the first sites I visit to get my news fix, but Tabletop gaming information besides warhammer, such as Battletech (my other favorite minis game) and more.