Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How magnetizing a Predator almost got me killed. It might be funny but it’s no joke!

Two years ago in my attempt to imitate the Space Marines, in terms of having improved genetic internal organs, I had a heart valve surgery with an artificial one that contains metallic parts. Emphasis on metallic. Yeah, I am kidding. I was not trying to be a Space Marine, but I did have such an operation since my original valve was not performing it’s best.

A few days ago, I decided to glue and paint my Predator. I read a nice article how I could magnetise it and be able to convert it to a Rhino, and then to a Predator. Also, I would be able to switch weapons and not have to stick with a single combination. So, I order some neodymium rare-earth magnets from Maelstrom . These guys never cease to amaze me when mail delivery speed is concerned. Three days later I had the magnets in my mail and I started fooling around with them. I have never used neodymium magnets before and I just couldn’t believe how strong they were. I glued some of them on the predator, and put the rest in my t-shirt’s breast pocket. When it’s quiet I can always hear a clock’s ticking sound from my valve and it wasn’t long before I realized that the ticking was out of sync and bit delayed. It turned out that the magnets were magnetizing the valve and were affecting the blood flow. I put them away immediately, and then I had an awkward moment of inner understanding, not much unlike how Superman felt when he realized that consequences of being close to kryptonite.

The predator is turning out beautifully though.

Because I am cheap, instead of using a second magnet on the doors, I used a metalic paper clip.

Painting the interrior of the Rhino was a bit challenging especially trying to create the monitor effect, since I am rather new at painting. I still need a bit more practice on the jeweling technique.


  1. great job, and close one! I once trod on a metal goblin spearman in bare feet and It went an inch into my foot and it got infected... that was nasty, not such a safe hobby after all eh?

  2. Your got he link wrong for Maelstrom, it's, awesome shop.